Financial Support

The best way to help the variety of HemoHelper goals is through a monetary donation. We are not partnered with any pharmaceutical company or specialty pharmacy. All of our past accomplishments have been funded by individuals and companies who believe in our causes. We appreciate any amount that you can contribute to HemoHelper.

These funds will be used to help …GIVE to HemoHelper's Causes!

  • Families in need who are affected by bleeding disorders
  • Support our Global Outreach Initiatives
  • Spread hemophilia awareness, and more!

Please click the “Donate” button below. No Paypal account is required.

Supply Donations

To donate supplies and factor:

Contact us on social media @HemoHelper or directly via email:

Before making a donation:

vialPlease check to see if your factor has expired. HemoHelper works with the World Federation of Hemophilia to place un-expired, donated factor and/or ancillary infusion supplies with people who need them in developing countries. We are also able to accept ancillary supply donations.

Any medical supplies which are donated require a valid medical reason to part with them (we don’t want someone to donate factor that they should actually use for themselves, which abuses insurance coverage). There are valid reasons you need to donate your factor, which may include changing factor brands, no longer having the ability to respond to a current product (ie: developing inhibitors), if you have too many doses to use up before the factor expires, etc.

Our goal is to recover excess or unwanted factor that would otherwise be destroyed. We accept any number of vials, in any assay size, within days of expiration.

Please contact us directly if you want to donate. We will coordinate a pick up or a place you can ship the products. We can not accept expired factor. An acknowledgement will be sent upon receipt of the shipment. Factor donations are not tax-deductible.

Thank you for your past, present, and future contributions!